Growth Strategy

Starting a business is an adventure like no other. Growing a business, however, is where the real challenge kicks in. Over 90% of small businesses fail within two years, but most of the time the reasons for failure are avoidable if you have the right experience. We’re here to provide that.

We’ve grown multiple businesses of our own. Use our knowledge to grow yours.

As Red Ant’s founders we, Marc and Roxy Crouch, have launched and built 6 businesses so far in the past 20 years. The first two ultimately failed, as is common. But then we cracked it, and now every business we develop is built according to a repeatable formula that we created as a result of the lessons learned from our earliest ventures all those years ago.

As a result we now have the life we always wanted, enjoying our work and lifestyle with all the freedoms that being a business owner provides, when done right. We want to help you build your own profitable, sustainable business that will give you the life you want.


Years Experience

What we cover

Some examples of the types of thing we can advise on.

How to start up a business

What do do, when to do it, and what you’ll need to prepare for first.

Human Resources

How to hire, fire, motivate and build a killer team.

Raising money

Fundraising options, how to create a business plan and financials, and how to get the money in.

Financial Management

How to build a financial forecast, read a P&L, and manage cashflow.


The critical structures and processes you need to run your business smoothly.



How to navigate a potentially tricky negotiation process and come out on top.

Sales & Marketing

Building an effective, consistent stream of new prospects and sales.

Stress Management

How to run a business without becoming overwhelmed.

Easy pricing

We share our growth experience through one-on-one consultations. You can either book a single session to discuss a specific topic or have us on-board as an advisor.

Strategy Call

A one-on-one consultation with one of our founders on whatever topic is most important to you. If you’re not sure, we can figure that out for you in our first call.


Per hour

Business Advisor

Retain us on a monthly basis to provide ongoing support and advice to your business as a key advisor. Includes half a day per month of founder time.


Per month

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